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Friday, November 18

Apple Hearts/Hates EMI (Circle One)

You know what? Nevermind the whole protecting your consumer rights and all that crap. I'm just gonna grab some popcorn because this is getting really funny. So EMI and Sony are seriously pushing the copy-protected CDs (my parent's always warned me about pushers). Sony through their now infamous "rootkit" solution, EMI though a method developed my Macrovision that has worked just fine in Windows computers since it's introduction but had locked out Mac users specifically, iTunes users generally, and (queue scary music here) iPod users entirely.

Well it seems EMI in an effort to stave off the bad press associated with copy protection has made an announcement yesterday that:

Apple is nearly finished with the technical work necessary to enable consumers to transfer music from content-protected discs to their iPods. This is an important step for EMI and Apple, but even more so for music consumers who will soon be able to legitimately port music from protected discs they own to the iPod.

All well and good if Apple hadn't come out just afterwards saying that:

The information EMI provided regarding iTunes and iPod compatibility with Macrovision's technology is not true and we have no idea why EMI made this statement.

Next comes the part where EMI calls Apple a filesharing slut. Then Apple calls the EMI and hall her stupid friends music nazis. Then they get into a tussle and have to be pulled apart by Mr. Belding and totally get detention together. Now pass me the Jujubes, this is gonna be good.

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