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Saturday, November 19

iPod Accessory (and nothing but) Store Hits London

When I first heard about the iPod and accessory store opening up in London I imagined a store the size of a kiosk in an airport. Sure, it's a store, but it's not like a real store. Just a little niche shop catering to a very small clientele. Then I read this article on Pocket Lint and they casually mention that the store is a) three stories tall and b) is the first of a dozen they plan to roll out across the country.

Now I haven't spent a lot of time overseas but with every story like this I read about the magical delights that await the naive American consumer on those distant, golden shores I can't help but look out towards the horizon with a wistful longing. Yea, the lands that created such commercial wonders must themselves miraculous to behold. Surely if a man such as I were ever to cast his gaze upon such treasures he would blind from the spectacle.

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