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Saturday, November 19

iPod Battery Settlement Derailed?

It seems an appeal has been filed in the iPod battery lawsuit. If you aren't familiar with the situation, a class-action suit was filed on behalf of owners of the 1st through 3rd generation iPods against Apple claiming that they misrepresented the nature of their batteries (turns out rechargeable batteries run out of juice eventually, whoda thunk). Well the settlement came down months ago and owners who registered were entitled to $25 cash money, a $50 credit towards the Apple Store, or, if yours was a 3rd gen, a free battery replacement.

Apple's already released a statement saying that they did not file the appeal themselves. While it's not clear who else might have done so what is clear is that this latest action is doing nothing but postponing the payout for the members of the class-action by up to a year. Bummer too, I was really hoping to use that Apple Store credit towards a notebook soon too...

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