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Thursday, November 17

Jan 2006 = Macintel iBooks?

According to Think Secret "highly reliable sources" are reporting that this January's Macworld (Jan 9th kids, mark your calendars) will bring with it the first Intel-bades Macintoshes. This contradicts what Apple Insider has been reporting for the last week: specifically that January will bring Intel processors to PowerBooks and iMacs first and leave the iBooks until April.

Now Think Secret hasn't the most reliable of late, but I think they may be on to something here. It always struck me as odd that the iMac would be first for an upgrade when it's already rocking the G5 goodness so the notion of single core iBooks coming out first followed by dual core PowerBooks doesn't seem too off the mark. I would, however, take the alalyist predictions towards the end of the article with a grain of salt. Apple has been consolidating their lineups of late, it's pretty unlikely that they're going to fragment the iBook market with more screen sizes and price points then they already have.

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