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Thursday, December 29

Happy 5th Night of Chanukkah!

No, I'm not Jewish but damn if I didn't miss every other holiday this season. I'm just glad the oil lasted for over a week, betters my chances of hitting it at least once.

At any rate I just got back from The Land the Internet Never Heard Of. Also known as Waterville Minnesota. No disrespect to the grandfolks up there, but when you live so far away from civilization that the nearest AOL dialup number is long distance you've got problems. Yes, I was so desperate for the electric glow of civilization that AOL dialup sounded good to me. It was horrible, may you never be forced to share a similar fate. Seeing them was good, though, and Christmas swag, well that always rules. My biggest thing actually came in an envelope in the form of enough holiday money to finally go out and get myself a gorram digital camera. Gaze ye upon it's orangy visage above.

Well it seems the rumor mill has been pretty quiet since I left. iTunes has got some free videos (I highly recommend Lazy Sunday), AI claims that Apple is so busy designing it's new Intel based notebooks, Mac minis, and iMacs that they've asked Intel to design the motherboard for the new Power Macs, and some poor kid in Hawaii got a nasty surprise instead of an iPod nano.

That's about it for the post-holiday wrapup. Hope you had a good one and Santa (or appropriate gift bearing entity) left you something cool.

Heading image Courtesy of Amazon


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