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Thursday, December 1

Intel: Yonah Preview

So if you're as plugged into the Macosphere as I am (and if you are what's wrong with you?) then you undoubtedly know what Yonah is.

For everyone else out there, Yonah is Intel's next big thing. A laptop centric chip designed to be super low-power (for saving battery life), super cool (for small enclosures), and super effecient (for all the processing power you'll ever need). Well it's not slated for release until next year but our friends at Anandtech got to spend some time with it and ran some quick benchmarks. It all gets rather technical so it's a good thing Ars Technica is there to help.

All in all it looks like a pretty sweet little chip. Expect to see this in upcoming notebooks and, more than likely, the Mac mini.

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Heading image Courtesy of Intel


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