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Thursday, December 1

MWSF Rumor: Mac mini Tivo?

Think Secret, the once (and future?) crown prince of the Macintosh rumor mill, is expecting nothing less than a full fledged Mac mini powered DVR. According the article the new mini will be Intel based, sporting the 3.5" hard drive (= lots more storage for less $$), a built in iPod dock and will include "both Front Row 2.0 and TiVo-like DVR functionality."

This sounds pretty awesome and is something that lots of people have been thinking about ever since the diminutive machine was announced but Ars Technica has its doubts. They do make a good point, releasing your own DVR isn't exactly the textbook method of wooing new partners in your burgeoning online video store, but if Apple's drive isn't to push the video on iTunes market but rather the iPod in general market then I can see how a recording device would make sense.

Add to all this rabid speculation an article on The Mac Observer saying how Intel and Tivo have announced that they'll be partnering to bring Tivo content to Intel products. Of course the article goes on to say how Apple will soon be an Intel product and that with all this speculation regarding a Mac DVR flying about maybe this is the basis of it all.

Unfortunately the long and the short of it is that none of us are going to know for another month and a half. Something this big is going to be under such lock and key as to make the man in the iron mask glad to be stuck with just a bucket on his head (it's not even 9 yet, you can't expect my similes to work that well yet). Until then, dream your dreams of Battlestar Galactica on an iPod near you. I know I'll be.

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