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Thursday, January 12

But Wait, There's More!

One rumor that was plastered all over the web (including this site) was the expectation of media friendly Mac minis and Intel based iBooks. Well now it's starting to look like we weren't all wrong so much as premature. As His Steveness announced at the keynote itself the rest of the Mac product line will be announced as it's ready and according to a recent article on Apple Insider iBooks (MacBooks?) will be the first out of the gate in the "second calendar quarter" (That'd be April-June for the rest of us).

While new iBooks/MacBooks might be nice for some of us it still doesn't answer the DVR Mac mini rumors. Well that's where a teensy bit of speculation comes in. AI has been amazingly accurate this MacWorld and once upon a time they released a little report saying that iMacs and PowerBooks (now MacBook Pros) would be the first out of the gate with Mac minis following shortly and iBooks coming in/around April for the K-12 buying season. Combine that with an uncharastic and anonymous rumor on Wired's Cult of Mac blog and it sounds like Mac minis could be in our near future.

Stay tuned, kids. The future looks bright.

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