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Thursday, January 12

Dual-Boot? Not So Fast.

Okay, it looks like Phil was slightly misleading when he said that they weren't doing anything to disallow Mac users to install Windows as well. You see, and you'll have to pardon the following geekery, current itinerations of Windows are all built on top of something called BIOS (Basic Input Output Structure). It's at the core of all Windows machines and was initially built sometime during the mesozoic era. Needless to say it's ancient and well in need to be replaced. Well Apple thought so too and so Mac OS for Intel processors is built on top of what's called EFI. Just think of it as a more modern BIOS.

So we have XP on BIOS, Mac OS on EFI. So much for Windows on Apple, right?

Windows Vista will be rockring the EFI too so it isn't so much a matter of never in a million years. We just have to wait for Redmond to finally roll out their new version. Which puts we MacAddics in the uncomfortable position of rooting for Microsoft to come out with their upgrade as soon as possible. It truely is a bizarro world we live in.

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