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Friday, January 13

Intel Australia: Windows Might Work On Mac Afterall

Golly Bob Howdy! It's the story that would never end!

So first everyone's all like: "Dude, we can totally splatter Windows all over these new Apples!"
Then Apple's like: "We're not letting that BIOS up in here. Step off!"
Then Intel came in and was all: "Dudes, chill. EFI can pretend it's BIOS. Then we can all get along, right?"

Engadget reports that according to Intel Australia the chipset in the new macs will support BIOS with a "Compatibility Support Module" installed. No word on if such a whatzit is available, though, so as far as I'm concerned this story is over.
At least it is until people starting putting XP install discs in their new iMacs. Then it's game on.

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