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Tuesday, January 10

Kevin Rose: I know something you don't know!

Kevin Rose of Diggnation fame has posted a couple whispers he's heard to his blog. The dude seems to have a pretty awesome track record, albeit the morning of, but we're not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, so let's see what we've got here...

  • 15" intel Macbook - order tomorrow, ships Feb (thinner, dual core)
    Everything I heard says 13" iBook with 15" PowerBook later this year but we'll see.
  • iPod FM receiver
    Well this should make a lot of people happy and excitable. I'm just not one of them (NPR comes in an AM flavah round these parts).
  • iWork/Life '06
    Whatever you say, dude. There was that iWeb leak a couple days back but with no details whatsoever we'll just have to wait and see.
  • New remote of some type
    Sounds like it corroborates the plasma rumor. According to that tidbit the standalone media machines would come with the standard 6 button remote while the new TVs from God come with programmable, learning, make your coffee remotes. Neet.
  • Photocasting (iPhoto)
    Like as in Flickr? Already have an iPhoto plugin to do that...
  • OS X.4.4 w/new widgets
    Not a whole lot to say here. Widgets are fun but if that's all they're bringing to the point upgrade party it's going to be a slow MacWorld.

Only a couple hours now, kids. See you tonight.

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