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Friday, January 13

MacBook vs. Dell Inspiron: Price Premium Say Wha?

Entreprenuring blogger Mike McHargue took it upon himself to check out Dell's website and see if there's really a price premium for the new MacBook over Dell's Core Duo offering. Now this sort of thing is never an exact science: how much is a built in iSight worth to you? but Mike does a pretty fine job and it turns out that the Dell is cheaper: by about $50.

That's pretty freaking close and if it were me and I could pay $50 more to get an identical model that was 3 pounds lighter and otherwise on par I'd jump at the chance. Guess it's just another benefit of the Intel switch: when you use (mostly) the same hardware as the other guys you can hit them where it hurts.

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Heading image Courtesy of (believe it or not) WalMart


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