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Monday, January 9

MacWorld: Final Notes (i promise)

A couple quick notes re: the party in Frisco.

Senior O'Grady from the one and only PowerPage tells a most interesting tale of Apple branded plasma HDTVs with the computer built right in for your convenience. According to the yarn the TVs will rely heavily on Viiv technology which is interesting to me as every itineration of Viiv I've seen relies pretty heavily on Windows Media Center Edition. Not that it couldn't ever happen, you know...

If you're an observent critter and happen to be perusing the .Mac homepage you've probably noticed the little outage notice. For the rest of you here's you go:

.Mac will be undergoing scheduled maintenance from 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM PST on 1/10/06. All .Mac services will be affected. We apologize for the inconvenience

Pretty convenient, that timing what with the Stevenote running from 9:00 to 10:30 that morning. Could this be the update that Think Secret reported on early December?

The eagle-eyed folks at Engadget reported about some screenshots of TiVoToGo (NoT aNnOyInG aT aLl) running on, you guessed it, a Mac. Won't they be pissed if they announce this just as His Steveness walks out and announced a homegrown solution for the same old problem. Unless of course TiVo is liscensing their technology as the DVR backend for the much anticipated Frontrow 2.0. Now that's the sort of thought that'll fester.

That's most all the rumor mill has turned out on this MacWorld eve. Being a distinguished Mac Blogger for all of, eh, one and a half months I didn't manage to get a press pass to the show myself. In the meantime please check out the fine fellows at Engadget for a moment by moment breakdown of the festivities. Just be sure you come right back for the breakdown and any new product guides as the need arises.

Heading image Courtesy of IDG


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