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Wednesday, January 11

New Toys for iPods

Well the iPod announcements this MacWorld were light to be sure but that doesn't mean nothing happened. Specifically two new products were introduced, an in-line remote with a built in FM tuner and a new AC connection kit.

The Radio Remote, yes that's it's real name, just plugs into the headphone port on your 5th Gen iPod or iPod nano. From there you can control your music and slideshows through the remote or select the Radio option from the topmost menu to bring up an old analog style FM tuner. It even has the ability to display song information so long as the station broadcasts it.
Personally I'm not planning on running out and buying one. First off I've got a mini which isn't worthy of the FM lovin' but even if I did the idea of listening to the radio when I've already got all my favorite music with me seems a bit counter intuitive. Even so it's nice that we're catching up with a feature found across the rest of the industry, even if it is through a $50 add on.

The second accessory announcement is the AV Connection Kit. Selling for $99 the kit is basically a bundle of a Universal Dock with Apple Remote, a USB Power Adapter, and an AV Cable. All of these have been available for quite some time now but never in such a convenient package as this. If you've got a dock connector then you're down with this bundle.

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