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Saturday, January 14

What The Hell Is Viiv?

With Apple moving to Intel processors and Intel making such a ruckus over their new Viiv (pronounced like five) technology there's been a lot of debate about how Viiv was coming to the Mac. Viiv was going to be the cornerstone of a Apple based set top box. Viiv was going to allow Apple to do everything you could ever want from a media computer. Of course all this begs the question, what the hell is Viiv?

A trip to Intel's website isn't exactly informing. They talk a lot about content partners and streaming and subscribing and all this but, frankly, all of that has been able for quite some time now. Pay-per-view is neat, but not new. TivoToGo is handy, but not developed by Intel. So if everything Viiv is supposed to be doing is already possible what is it exactly? There's a list of compatible components on the Overview page but still no explanation of what this ethereal product is.

Well leave it to Peter Rojas from Engadget to corner someone at the Intel booth at CES and wrangle a real answer out of him. Turns out all the hype around Viiv isn't so much as any new technology but just a fancy DRM platform. It's a way to lock content down to certain uses defined by the content providers based heavily off existing Intel chipsets and Windows Media Center

So nevermind when you hear about Viiv and Apple in the same sentence. Viiv = Windows Media Center . Apple's got their own thing with FairPlay so while they might use Viiv spec processors and such it is not a Viiv computer.

Unfortunately this conversation hasn't been posted anywhere but if you really want the first hand story check out their podcast # 59 and fast forward to 9:40.

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