Looking Out from the Inside

Monday, February 6

Feb 22nd: Special Event

This happens every once in a while. Apple sends out invitations to a select group of tech writers to a special event where they ususally announce some new product. When they sent out invites for the ROKR/nano event the photo was of the coin pocket on a pair of jeans, and the quote "1000 songs in your pocket changed everything. Here we go again." When they sent out invites for the event where they introduced the iMac w/ Frontrow along with the iPod with video the photo was of a curtained stage.

I mention this only to point out that Apple's invites tend to have subtle clues in them: a music player so small it'll fit in your 5th pocket, a media event being previewed with a curtained stage; and this seems to have happened again. This photo was just uploaded to flickr with the poster claiming this is a scanned image from an invite to an event on the 22nd.

All speculation aside, I can tell you for certain that the product in the photo is the current model of
Airport Express. Now whether this is alluding to an updated model, perhaps even the much anticipated streaming video model, is unknown. Either way, we'll know for certain in a matter of weeks. In the meantime I'll, of course, keep you abreast of any credible information as it comes.

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Image Courtesy of netgem21

Sunday, February 5

Dell Quietly Drops DJs

I always get a warm, fuzzy feeling when another "iPod killer" bites the dust.

Today's sacrificial lamb is the Dell DJ, or at least the hard drive models. They are still selling the Bic Lighter inspired Ditty, though.

On a semi-related note what's up with this promotional image I just grabbed from Dell's website? Did they see the pencil in Apple's nano ads and think it was just the in thing all of a sudden?
Newsflash Dell: Saying your player is thinner than a pencil is impressive. Pointing out that your player is twice as thick as a pencil is bad marketing.

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Heading image Courtesy of Dell